NBCs The Firm: Review

I wanted to wait a bit before writing this review just to get a better sense of what NBCs The Firm will try to be. At this point, I’ve seen the two hour pilot and the following episode, so, I’m not quite caught up, but, I’ve got the time to write.

There are two main choices in show direction I wanted to talk about. One good, one, well, somewhat on the confusing side.

I’ll start first with what appears to be the general format of the show, which I like.

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Great Moments in (fictional) Courtroom History

I’m going to try and run one of these every Friday morning. Straight forward, whatever I can find on YouTube that I enjoy, to fit in with the talk we’ll have here about legal moments in the movies, TV and more.

Love this scene, love the show. Omar testifying against Bird from Season Two of The Wire. The Wire is the best show I’ve seen in handling legal affairs. Omar may take a cynical outlook on the legal system, but, with what his character has seen in his life, why wouldn’t he? And when it comes to Maurice Levy? He’s spot on. More Omar goodness when you hit read more.

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