I’ve created this page as an attempt to place all of my postings that relate to Lansing Michigan, Ingham and Eaton County in this section. I realize part of this blog is simply having fun, but, that doesn’t mean when I write items I believe are useful that they should get lost in the shuffle.

In short: silliness!

Yeah, this is a bit silly as well.

In which we take a look at changes made to the Michigan Court Rules regarding jury instructions, adopted at the end of June 2011. Hint: jurors can now write in notebooks, talk and ask questions. About time.

In which we take a look at a Supreme Court decision on the right to counsel in civil contempt child support hearings and also discuss how that process works in Ingham County, Michigan.

In which we take a look at the Holmes Youthful Trainee Act. A short introduction to HYTA and how those between the age of 17-21 can keep a felony conviction off of their record. Very important for young clients to know about this process.

In which we take a look at a program hosted at Lansing Community College that placed currently incarcerated prison inmates in front of a large group young people and spoke about the Criminal Justice System.


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