It’s not really an easy crime if you get caught…

Interviewer: Do you have any remorse about stealing from a 9-year old girl?

Thief: Right now, no. Because, I’m kinda pissed. Because I have charges…and, we had to give the money back anyway.


Two girls steal money from Girl Scout’s. Why? Because they wanted money. And, they thought it would be an easy crime. Get caught. Then, they give an interview where they are rather upset that they had to give back the money they stole AND also have criminal charges.

The second girl also seems rather jealous that the Girl Scout’s are now selling sympathy cookies.

The lesson learned? “Probably not to get caught…or, MAYBE, not to steal.”

The best part about this? These girls who were so desperate for money that they took down a 9-year old like she was Andy Garcia’s Casino in Ocean’s 11 give an interview while each sipping on some kind of frozen Starbucks drink that undoubtedly has to cost like 8 dollars.


One response to “It’s not really an easy crime if you get caught…

  1. This one ranks up there with the kid from Kentucky who stole gasoline from a police car then posted pictures of himself doing so on Facebook and said it was “cool” but couldn’t believe he got in trouble. Kids these days….

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