MSU College of Law: Sued by an old dude!

I’ve been laughing at this news posting since last week. As a graduate of Michigan State University College of Law, it piqued my interest when I saw that MSU Law was the target of a lawsuit. I was hoping for something spectacular. Maybe a class-action lawsuit against my first year Criminal law professor Jack Apol, for recycling his lame jokes constantly. But, then I remembered that most classmates of mine, unfortunately, encouraged that debacle.

Instead, we get some dude in North Dakota, a former attorney general named Nicholas Spaeth, claiming that he was passed over in hiring based on age discrimination.

Spaeth, according to his complaint (PDF), applied to be considered for a teaching job at the school in October, responding to a posting on the Association of American Law Schools’ bulletin. During the group’s Faculty Recruitment Conference, he was not offered an interview slot.

He accuses the school of instead hiring three individuals who are younger and who he believes brought far less professional experience to the table.

The article goes on to say that Spaeth filed something like 100 complaints with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. 30 or 40 of the complaints have been dismissed, again according to the article, with the rest still pending.

The Law School responded with:

Ha. Get out of here.

And then responded by burning the complaint and doing the Dikembe Mutombo block-shot finger wave.

Oh, that’s not how they responded?

In a statement today, College of Law Dean Joan Howarth said the school had not received notice of the lawsuit.

“When or if one comes our way it will be a false accusation because we do not and have not discriminated on the basis of age,” she said.

A bit more boring than if I handled their P.R.

I kind of wish this Spaeth had a case, but, I strongly doubt he does. I mean, after all, if it was accurate that MSU Law was discriminating based on age, maybe I would have had a Torts professor first year that was young enough to read a clock and not keep talking for 20 minutes after class was supposed to end.


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