Borders Books Closing

A big story this week in Michigan was the announcement that Borders Books would be closing. This is disappointing on a lot of levels. The obvious being the immense loss of jobs, particularly for a Bookstore that opened their first store in Ann Arbor, Michigan. But, also from a larger sense. Everyone knows that bookstores are threatened by Amazon and those eReading things.

Forbes has an article up about what the demise of Borders holds for the bookstore business as a whole. I do hope that most of what they write, about how Borders over-reached and went beyond just books, is right. I like doing a lot of things from my cell phone. I’m not sure if I want to read books from it, though.

Then again, part of the reason why I say that is I’m not even tempted to get an e-Book when the prices are what they are currently. Seriously…right now on Amazon you can get a Hardcover George R.R. Martin for 19 bucks and the Kindle version for…gulp…15 bucks. That book is their #5 current Hardcover bestseller. Their #6 is a book that goes for 15 bucks hardcover and $13 on the Kindle. In fairness, the #2 bestselling Hardcover is only 8 bucks on Kindle. But, that book is already out on paperback. If you peruse other paperback bestsellers, the Kindle price is actually MORE expensive.

Which amazes me. I don’t think Bookstores or actual books on paper will die with those kinds of prices, but, books have certainly spent way too many hours late night in the ER.

This might be the point where you ask, why am I reading about a bookstore on a Law Blog? To which I respond simply that you must have missed the Ghostbusters II clip we had up on Friday. But, yeah, if part of the reason I am keeping this blog is to revive my interest in writing, it kind of follows that I enjoy books. And, bookstores. But, in the early days of this blog, I too have neglected them at the expense of Television and Movies. Sure, maybe books lack the same appeal the movies do, but, that would change once Michael Bay really sat down and devoted himself to figuring a way to get CGI into a print form, right?

Anyway, next week, we spend some time with books. It’ll be book week here. I’ll probably talk about John Grisham. A lot. Can’t wait.


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