Cool Ways People Found This Blog…

One thing I enjoy checking out when it comes to this blog is the search terms that people use to get to the blog. Here’s one:

“how accurate is franklin and bash”


The quick answer is “little.” The longer answer is, “wow, very little.”

You should not watch Franklin and Bash and think you’re going to come away with a wealth of legal knowledge. At least when it comes to the particulars of the law.

At times when I watch a legal TV show or Movie, I find myself wondering how well they are applying the law. It’s pretty natural. With Franklin and Bash, you really should not worry about that. I’ve watched several of the episodes because I enjoy the show, but, I couldn’t tell you whether particular points mentioned on the show are correct just because I tune out the legal particulars.

That said, I wrote an entire earlier blog piece about how shows like Franklin and Bash do have a place in showing the legal system. While you won’t get the depth of legal knowledge in FandB that you might get elsewhere, once place the show succeeds is in illustrating the importance of the client on legal proceedings. The client and the specific facts that surround their case.

If you’re wondering whether your lawsuit to obtain a baseball from your father, that you believe he bestowed upon you as a gift, will take 44 minutes to reach a conclusion, no, FandB is not accurate. If you’re wondering whether you can get rid of a DUI conviction by having your attorney down a six pack in court, no, FandB is not accurate. But, I don’t think it tries to be. Which isn’t to say that every legal point they make is wrong, they probably get a lot of stuff right, I just don’t think the point of the show is to do justice to the daily grind of the law system.

If you watch the show without worrying whether the legal nuances are accurate, you wind up with a show that doesn’t take itself seriously and sometimes illuminates the larger point that your clients are people worth fighting for.


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