Damages Season #(forget numbers – back from the dead) Premieres Tonight

I actually forget the number of seasons Damages had on the F/X Network, and that’s the reason for the headline. The problem? It only returns on DirectTV. Although, clearly, that’s not a problem for those of you with DirectTV, the revival of the show will most likely come via DVD for a lot of fans of the show.

Damages, starring Glenn Close and Rose Byrne, was a show I always enjoyed, but, it never rated quite high enough with me to make it consistent viewing. I’d be all over it now that I’ve got the DVR in play, but, no DirectTV. I actually don’t think I saw any of season 3 of Damages, so, this certainly isn’t a post where I’ll delve deep into Damages, it’s more of a, “do you have DirectTV? Hey, watch it” type deal.

My slip away from the show happened when they iced Zeljko Ivanek in Season 1. He showed up flashback style in the other seasons, but, I was out of the loop. Plus, Ted Danson went from starring to recurring. Ivanek and Danson were the strength of the show, for me, but, still, it always seemed like it had potential, just never had momentum. Every time I watched Season 2 and 3, they didn’t seem to so much continue Season 1 and instead seemed to say, “oh, you’re not watching? The hell with it, we’re going to ante up and kick all-in.”

That sort of television making seemed to work well with The Wire, but, really, that’s credit to the greatness of The Wire. While Damages seemed like a good, but not great show, that just didn’t inspire me to put the work in to really buy in to the series. It always seemed like the show engaged their audience. That’s always a tougher sell. But, again, when it works it can work really well.

There are tons of television shows that are just awful, but, continually get chances based on their fluff nature, so it’s great to see a show like Damages get a second life on DirectTV. Reading about the show, it seems as if things get somewhat of a fresh start, so, don’t be afraid to tune in if you haven’t caught previous seasons. Just be ready for Glenn Close to bring manipulation to crazy high levels.


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