Legal Television Review: Suits Pilot

I’ve had the new USA Network show, Suits, on my DVR for a couple of weeks now. So, if I’m going to cover the law in media and entertainment I decided to put my hesitation aside and move forward with a review. My hesitation comes from the simple fact that I don’t think there is one USA Network show that I’ve enjoyed. The network just seems to toss out a bunch of below average fluff stuff. But, hey, at least they do it quite often.

The Comcast show guide explains the premise is that a college dropout gets hired to become a lawyer. What’s the point of a tv show having the attorney skip law school? I guess I could understand it if they were doing Dougie Howser J.D., I could understand. Within the first 15 minutes, I think they also establish that the reason why the show is named “Suits” is because you need a $2000 suit to sell marijuana.

Then, the marijuana sale goes bust, main character runs from the cops and winds up in a job interview for a top firm that only hires Harvard graduates.

But, alas, our main character cares for his grandmother and was booted from college under, I guess, sympathetic circumstances. Or, at least sympathy appeared to be the dramatic cues they gave to the scene. Next stop? Harvard…since you know, this guy has to now pretend he went to Harvard law school since this firm just can’t possibly fathom hiring someone from another law school.

So, yeah, now would be the point where you’re probably convinced that Weekend at Bernie’s had a more plausible plot. And, unfortunately we still have just under an hour left in the pilot.

And, oh, the main character just got fired on his first day at the job because the guy who hired him, Harvey, is having second thoughts…then he rehires the kid when threats are made. Which leads to Harvey making the same threats to his boss.

Yikes. But, on the brightside, our wunderkind has just been handed a case. Harvey has pawned off his pro bono case so we can establish the kid as sympathetic (again, even!) and Harvey as a nuisance.

Okay, 45 minutes in and we get our first solid line. Kid needs help on a case, Harvey berates…tells him he would subpoena blah, blah, blah, and the kid says he already thought off that…but, doesn’t know how to fill out a subpoena form. I found that funny, maybe because as a new lawyer, you know the law, you’re ready to attack the law. Or, at least you know where to begin, but some of that procedural stuff draws blanks. Not that filling out a subpoena form was difficult, but, the line at least summed up a struggle I could relate to.

With the plot background shortcomings now out of the way, we segue into a fairly mundane courtroom show. They get a case, it goes south, the day gets saved. Along the way we don’t get much in the way of substance and when they go for some comic relief it just seems to fall short. Which might be part of the problem with this pilot, at times it seems to want to respect the legal profession, so nothing is over the top, but that just leads to a below average episode of tv. As otherwise, the show just isn’t strong enough.

But, if you like pretentious dudes think they are funnier than they are and enjoy winning more than Charlie Sheen…you probably would have considered this an OK pilot. I immediately erased episode two from my DVR. Maybe I’ll check back in with Suits in the future to watch without the contrived background, but, that won’t be any time soon.


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