Breaking the Cycle of Incarceration

One Love Global hosted an Event this evening titled, “Breaking the Cycle of Incarceration.” The event was designed to allow Lansing, Michigan youths interact with the panel of five men currently incarcerated in a Michigan Prison.

The panel handled questions from the audience, a packed house at Lansing Community College’s DART Auditorium, on life in prison, anticipation of life outside of prison, how family members viewed them, the choices they made that led to their current position as well as myriad other topics. On hand to moderate was AJ Hilton of local FOX News.

One of the topics that came up several times throughout the course of the evening was the theme of asking those around you for help in terms of getting on the right track. One of the inmates mentioned that this notion goes against natural tendencies that many have.

As a criminal defense attorney, this idea of thought stuck with me quite a bit. When I think about the role of an attorney, helping a client better themselves is one that can sometimes be overlooked. An attorney gets the case, looks at the facts, finds the best way to proceed. Where I think an attorney can also help is in the role of a facilitator.

UPDATE: Link to an article on the event from the Lansing State Journal.

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