Detroit Tigers Game 163 Open Thread

There will be plenty of time for Miguel Cabrera discussion after the Tigers season is over with. For now, he’s out there and there is evening baseball to be enjoyed. This is the second straight season that the AL Central is coming down to the a one game play-off to determine the Division champion. The AL Central might not be the best division in baseball, but it certainly has been competitive lately.

The Tigers send Rick Porcello to the mound against Scott Baker for the Twins. Porcello, being 20 years old probably will not have experienced a baseball atmosphere quite like what he will see in a raucous Metrodome. To read more about Porcello heading into today’s game, I recommend this MLive article on the confidence the Tigers are putting behind Porcello. Leyland calls it the “toughest place” Porcello will have ever pitched.

Here are a couple more links heading into the game today:

The Detroit Free Press looks back at the Twins and Tigers this season with a nice photo spread.

Tigers support being shown in-state from Michigan State Spartans head coach Mark Dantonio, as he sports a Tigers jacket to his press conference earlier today.

Detroit Tigers Weblog covers game 163.

Mack Avenue Tigers has a talk with a Twins blogger for thoughts on the game with some perspective from the opposing point of view.

Lastly, Rod Allen has implored Tigers fans, on the TV broadcasts all year long, to put aside doubts about this team and just enjoy the ride. The game today is one of the most enjoyable settings for baseball you can imagine. The one-game playoff can bring something special (I learned that all the way back in 1989 with the film Major League) and hopefully the Tigers will deliver today.


6 responses to “Detroit Tigers Game 163 Open Thread

  1. Just in case there was any doubt, Cabrera is in the starting lineup today. Here is the rest of the lineup from the official Tigers twitter feed…

    Granderson CF, Polanco 2B, Ordonez RF, Cabrera 1B, Guillen DH, Raburn LF, Inge 3B, Laird C, Santiago SS, Porcello p

  2. Hopefully Miggy can blow .00 at the first pitch this time around. I’m glad Raburn got the start. I think he’s the hero today. 6-5 Tigers.

  3. Inge was hit by that pitch…..Its a shame we don’t get to see the 13th played out…Bring in an NFL-style replay system for baseball

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